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Frequently Asked Questions

The individual or entity must have the following:
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • MRA TPIN Certificate
  • MRA Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Old PPDA Certificate (for renewal)
  • Bank Deposit Slip

Normally, It takes 5 working days

One year.

It depends on the category (1-7):
  • Up to MK10 Million = Mk10,000.00
  • Above MK 10 million - MK 30 million = MK10,000.00
  • Above MK 30 million - MK 80 million = MK20,000.00
  • Above MK 80 million - MK 100 million = MK30,000.00
  • Above MK 100 million - MK 500 million = MK100,000.00
  • Above MK 500 million - MK 1 billion = MK200,000.00
  • Above MK 1 billion = k500,000.00

No payment at the office. Only at the bank.
Bank Name: National Bank of Malawi
Branch Name: Capital City
Account Name: Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority
Account Number: 000 100 562 4416
Account Type: Current Account

Nothing is required from the supplier

It takes about 7 working days for the name to appear in the vendors register

Registration forms are available on PPDA website and can be downloaded through this link: Certificate Fill the forms, make payment and attach the following documents
Business registration certificate,
MRA TPIN Certificate,
MRA Tax Clearance Certificate,
Old PPDA Certificate (for renewal), Bank Deposit Slip
And submit the documents to PPDA through email or by courrier.

Office branches will be established soon

Anyone can participate, but in order to be eligible to be awarded a procurement contract, a bidder must be registered, depending upon the nature of the contract, with the relevant legislation body as well as PPDA

No, it does not.


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