PPDA Trains Ministry of Transport and Public Works IPDC
February 01, 2024

PPDA Trains Ministry of Transport and Public Works IPDC

The Directorate of Capacity Building of the PPDA recently conducted a training session for the Internal Public Procurement and Disposal Committee (IPDC) from the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.  Held in Salima from the 29 to 31st January 2023, the training aimed to equip IPDC members with the necessary tools and knowledge to facilitate the procurement and asset disposal oversight effectively.

The initiative underscores the commitment to fostering best practices and upholding the highest standards of integrity in public procurement and asset disposal in government entities. With the ever-evolving landscape of governance and accountability, such initiatives are pivotal in ensuring that public funds are utilized judiciously and in the best interest of the populace.

The training session encompassed a wide array of topics pertinent to the roles and responsibilities of the IPDC members including, understanding the legal framework governing procurement processes; implementing robust evaluation criteria; procurement management and contract management. Moreover, the training delved into the intricacies of asset disposal, emphasizing the importance of adherence to regulatory guidelines, and ensuring transparency throughout the disposal process.

The Director General of the PPDA lauded the commitment of the Ministry to have its IPDC trained. In his opening remarks, he emphasized the pivotal role of the IPDC in upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability in procurement and asset disposal activities. Furthermore, he reiterated the PPDA's unwavering support in providing continuous capacity-building initiatives to empower stakeholders across various government entities. 

In his response, the Chairperson of the IPDC Mr. Chigomezgo Munyenyembe, who is also Director of Finance and Administration at the Ministry of Transport said, the training has sharpened the IPDC, and the knowledge acquired will enhance efficiency within the Ministry. “The IPDC has been fully sensitized, and we will use this knowledge to effectively implement the whole procurement cycle” he said. Munyenyembe further explained that the IPDC will also take keen interest in assessing the extent to which the Ministry is implementing the Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Order (MSME) of 2020 which encourages promotion of MSMEs in Malawi.  "As the IPDC, we will ensure that some procurements are reserved/set aside for MSMEs as per MSME Order" he emphasized. 

The training sessions were facilitated by Mr. Timothy Kalembo and Mr. George Chimphonda.