PPDA Secretariat Updates Board on Strategic Plan Progress
March 01, 2024

PPDA Secretariat Updates Board on Strategic Plan Progress

As the expiry date of PPDA's current strategic plan draws near, the Secretariat recently convened a consultative meeting with the Board to share the progress of the Strategic Plan review process. The objective of the day was crystal clear: to forge a consensus on the new trajectory that will steer the Authority's course from April 2024 to March 2029.

The findings presented by the Consultant Mr. Chalamba, provided invaluable insights into the strategic direction that PPDA is poised to undertake. From identifying emerging trends to grappling with pressing challenges, the consultation served as a crucible for transformative discourse and forward-looking deliberations.

More importantly, the consultation highlighted the imperative of aligning PPDA's strategic vision with the overarching national agenda and harnessing synergies with key reform initiatives. By anchoring the Strategic Plan within the contours of the Malawi Agenda 2063 and leveraging it as a catalyst for reform, PPDA reaffirms its commitment to driving sustainable development and catalyzing positive change.

With the imminent conclusion of the 2022-2024 strategy on March 31, 2024, the organization is gearing up to embrace a new roadmap for the next four years.